Top 5 healthcare real estate trends to watch

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health care trends by JLLHealth systems have made great strides in recent years. Most noteworthy, they are keeping patients healthier by providing more care outside of the main hospital facility walls. Below are the top 5 trends to watch in healthcare real estate. For more insights, download JLL’s full report. The first in the series explores the actions healthcare systems can take to improve quality of patient care and reduce costs.

1. Build in room for change

More outpatient facilities are popping up all over the country, yet how will these facilities need to evolve over the next decade? Especially relevant, there must be room for change in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market.

2. Optimize existing real estate to stretch dollars

A healthcare system’s real estate assets represent one of the largest sources of value and capital investment for the organization. Therefore, a data-driven analysis can help identify opportunities to create efficiencies and drive more value from each existing facility. As a result, each asset is put to its highest and best use.

3. Put convenience on center stage to increase patient accessibility and health

Convenience increasingly drives where patients go for care. Consequently, hospitals are learning from retailers, making it easy for patients to stop in. 

4. Demographics matter more than ever

Smart site selection requires predictive and deep analytics. Furthermore, considering age and income levels, competitors, traffic patterns, visibility and hundreds of other factors.

5. More locations can mean more risk—but there are ways to reduce it

Health systems manage more and more diverse locations. As a result, this increasing complexity means rising risks. Advanced management can stem the tide.

Succeeding in this changing environment is a matter of clinical success in addition to developing a well-informed strategy for where you should be tomorrow. As new revenue sources and efficiencies are explored, consequently real estate has an increasingly influential role in achieving sustained financial stability and success.

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