Driving value with JLL’s Project and Development Services

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Whether you’re looking to expand operations, strengthen your brand presence or attract and retain the best talent, you need a partner that can align deep capabilities back to your vision. The focus on space and how that impacts business and work has never been greater. JLL’s Project and Development Services works with you to reach the big aspirations living within every new building, renovation, fit-out or design.

What is Project and Development Services (PDS)?

JLL PDS is a full-service approach to assist on the project from start to finish. In addition to providing a simplified process with one point of contact, our customized solution is based on understanding the needs of the project. This also means matching the right people and vendors to reduce delays and costly changes. PDS handles all of the details, maintains the schedule and mitigates your risks so you don’t have to.

JLL PDS combined with JLL Brokerage services are a proven winning combination for property owners.  The statistics show a tremendous return on investment when JLL provides both services.  In 2015, the Indianapolis PDS team completed 27 projects totaling 170,145 square feet at a total cost of $4,129,079.  Every project was completed on time or early and not only within the budget, but with a total savings of $283,872 to the clients.  Read on to learn more about achieving this level of ROI and a real vision for your space by partnering with our Indianapolis project management team.

Achieves your goals with the right solution

With deep expertise and over 25 years’ worth of experience between them, Mike Gresham and Jeff Humphreys listen and develop solutions based on your needs and pains. They have the ability to create customized, scalable solutions, leveraging a proven platform built on process and technology. Their experience allows them to take the best interests of both the landlord and the tenant to create an approach that produces results. Their constant evaluation and improvement of their processes ensure that there are no scenarios that they cannot provide the best possible level of service.

Avoid surprises

With access to accurate, transparent reporting and constant communication through a single point of contact, you get timely answers to questions and management of budget and schedules increasing the efficiency to complete projects quickly. Our team helps to ensure that the initial design takes into consideration the many aspects that impact the construction cost and impact on the building. This reduces delays and changes needed during construction and assists in maintaining the budget.

Drive value for your organization

Our PDS team leverages the relationships they have with local suppliers. This allows them to select the best contractors for the type and size of the project while also knowing the contractors are not over committing to other projects. These relationships combined with JLL’s global purchasing power further improves your bottom line. For example, our flooring program gets $27/sqyd carpet tile at $22/sqyd which allows clients to have the benefits of carpet tile for not much more than less desirable broadloom.

Experience peace of mind

By trusting in the best local talent backed by proven processes and tools ensures our client satisfaction. Consistent outcomes driven by consistent processes from start to finish. Clients can rest easy knowing our high-quality and consistent approach to Environmental, Health and Safety regulations. JLL fosters a culture and track record of care for our clients and employees. This thorough approach minimizes business disruption and allows clients to have confidence in the outcomes.

While other companies rely on a construction management approach, JLL PDS engages a full-service project management approach. Providing convenience and confidence, this service allows you to achieve your goals while driving value for your organization. The JLL PDS team is commits to your project from start to finish.

Contact us to learn more about how JLL PDS can help achieve your vision.

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