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Spaces_Indiana_office_designphoto courtesy of Odyssey (Indianapolis)

Matt Waggoner had just five minutes to talk about JLL Indianapolis’ latest initiative – Spaces Indiana – a hub for inspirational office design that’s also providing a forum for Hoosier offices to compete for best design in the state.  Here’s what he shared:

1. Tell us about @SpacesIndiana and what inspired you to get this initiative off the ground? People spend over half of their waking hours at work, and for many, that time is spent in an office space. The mindset of today’s workforce has shifted from “How much will I make?” to a combination of compensation / professional development opportunities / culture. The design of office space plays a vital role in this. There are so many companies doing amazing things in their workplace right here in Indiana, but there isn’t a central place to see them. Spaces is a hub for workplace innovation and design that allows companies to show off their space and provide a resource for those looking to make a dramatic shift in their workplace.

2. What motivates your work with companies and their spaces?                                                We believe office space is so much more than square footage and rental rates. And because we understand how important the office space means to a company now, our team is able to empower organizations to transform their employee experience. In short, we unlock the potential of the space inside the four walls and maximize the value of their real estate, which allows us to help each organization achieve their goals.

3. What trends do you see shaping Indiana office spaces?
Without a doubt, companies want more out of their real estate because employees are demanding (or expecting) more. More amenities, more collaboration, more walkability, more openness, more fun, and more natural light. We are also seeing companies really infuse their brand messaging into their space, making it consistent with story they are telling in the community.

4. Words of wisdom for companies seeking to redesign, refresh or find new workspace?
Don’t be intimidated and do not settle for the status quo. Listen to all of your employees. Don’t be scared to disrupt the standard but at the same time don’t try to be Google. Start early and find the right partners. This process, when done right, takes anywhere between 9-18 months. It’s so important to have the right team in place who understands your goals and initiatives for your future space. This core team should include: real estate broker, architect/designer, workplace strategist, furniture vendor, and project manager. The other thing companies need to know is that they are never stuck. Often times, companies think if they have five years left on their lease then they can’t change their workplace. There are so many creative and cost-effective applications to make change out there that companies should absolutely explore, regardless of the lease timeline.

5. Favorite quote or leaders that motivate you and your career?
I love Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” – it drives a lot of purpose for what gets me up every day: to empower organizations to transform employee experience through maximizing the value of their real estate. One great quote from his book that I see from some of the best organizations in town is: “All organizations start with WHY, but only the great ones keep their WHY clear year after year.”

Think your office can be the best of the best in Indiana? Enter the Spaces design competition today.  Deadline for entrants is JUNE 17!

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