Carvana Removes the Salesman from the Car Shopping Experience

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Carvana Removes the Salesman from the Car Shopping Experience | JLL Indy

Getting a new car is both ends of the emotional spectrum: exciting and extremely frustrating. A majority of people who buy a car dread the inevitable meeting of a salesman who walks them through why they should one of their cars, when what you really want to do is Google the different models you’re looking into and ponder—in solace—on your decision to spend tens (or more) of thousands of dollars.

Carvana, the online used-car website, heard your frustrations, and now they’re taking their behind-the-scenes service to their very own stage with an actual car vending-machine. Check out the promo here:

The vending machine doesn’t work like your typical vending machine—you don’t just happen to walk by the five-story glass building and insert your credit-card to buy one of the 40 cars inside. A buyer first purchases the car on Carvana’s website, then heads to the Nashville, TN location to pick up their car from the mega vending machine.

If you don’t live in Nashville, no problem! The company will actually provide up to $200 in airfare, plus a ride from the airport, to their vending machine where you can pick your car up. The vending machine-vibe is still present, as it prompts you to insert a large coin to retrieve your car.
Carvana is currently in the process of expanding their vending machine locations, broadening their unique service. Indianapolis has been identified as a future market. Location is yet to be determined.

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