Indiana Manufacturers Association Relocates to PNC Center

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Graham Summers
Vice President

The Indiana Manufacturers Association (IMA), a trade association focused exclusively on manufacturing, recently relocated its office in downtown Indianapolis from OneAmerica Tower to PNC Center. When the decision to relocate was made, IMA considered the following in its search for a new headquarters:

  • Building image and amenities
  • Connectivity and proximity to the Indiana Statehouse
  • Competitive rent schedule
  • Minimal business disruption

Using the above criteria, our team identified several buildings that could accommodate IMA’s objectives and started the negotiation process. Ultimately, the connectivity and aggressive rent schedule offered by PNC Center could not be matched by the competing buildings downtown.

Once the relocation was imminent, IMA engaged JLL’s project manager, Jeff Humphreys, to assist in making the move as seamless as possible. Jeff was instrumental in overseeing the final construction scope, coordinating with the necessary vendors (IT, furniture restoration, etc.), and managing the physical move.

Learn more about this successful transaction here

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