The Continuing Evolution of Shared Office Space

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By Kevin Gillihan
Vice President
JLL Indianapolis

Here in Indy, shared office space has increased in popularity over the past few years.  Young bootstrapping companies or startups with only a few employees are hesitant to commit to traditional long term leases.  We have seen both the tech and the real estate communities embrace the idea, whether it is an open shared communal space or a true incubator program.

The ever-popular design trend of open collaborative space has been employed by everyone from startups to major corporations, and has permanently changed the way offices lay out and how companies operate.  That spirit is embodied in shared office space, often taken to the extreme.  Trends are also increasing in popularity, like adapting and reusing abandoned buildings, incorporating recycled materials into the office space design, consuming only green energy and even producing energy to put back into the grid.

Check out Second Home, a new shared office space in London.  It repurposed an old carpet factory and built a futuristic office that houses everyone from Foursquare to Jawbone to venture capitalists.


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