The Changing Face of the Workplace

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By Kevin Gillihan
Jones Lang LaSalle

As the landscape of office space design and efficiency continues to change, I am still struck by surprise with some of the innovations that I see.  We have all heard about the recent challenges of working at home, cubes shrinking, and more collaborative space.

But what about an environment where no one has a permanent desk?  The first thing that came to my mind was where would people put pictures of their kids?  Or would you spend too much time trying to search someone down for an answer to a small question?

But is just that kind of movement that is showing increases in productivity, attendance and overall employee happiness.  Trust between employees can increase when you meet in a neutral space.  Innovation can be fostered when you constant shift your environment.

And, of course, there are the cost savings.  Gone are the days of the standard 250 square feet per employee.  Studies have shown that workers only spend a fraction of time at their desks, so why not cut down on the size of the office and reinvest that money into design and other factors that will increase productivity.

In the end, this is another trend in the ever changing landscape of office space design and buildout.  But I would look for this to be a trend that continues to gain popularity over the few years.

To read the Business Insider magazine article that inspired this post, click here.

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